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Dec. 1998 NTT TownPage Corporation established through the integration of the NTT Telephone Directory Business Division and the Information Assistance Business Division
Mar. 1999 Started operations
Apr. 1999 Started sale of TOWNPAGE's new advertisement standards, White Knockout Advertisements and Photo Color Advertisements
Apr. 2000 TOWNPAGE Centers opened at four locations nationwide
July 2000 Started provision of i-TOWNPAGE
Dec. 2000 Obtained ISO 14001 certification
Sept. 2001 Started publishing telephone directories through Closed-Loop Recycling System
Mar. 2002 Obtained ISO 9001 certification
Dec. 2003 Published the Hiroshima Prefecture versions of Daily TOWNPAGE and Business TOWNPAGE directories and began introducing other versions nationwide
Nov. 2004 Renewed i-TOWNPAGE
Sept. 2005 Started IP Contact Center service
Feb. 2006 Started introducing category-based compilation in Daily TOWNPAGE directories nationwide
Feb. 2007 Started introducing category-based color bars in Daily TOWNPAGE directories nationwide
July 2007 Started providing DIAL 104 service
Sept. 2007 Started Medical i-TOWN service
Nov. 2007 Obtained ISO 27001 certification
July 2008 Started Healing i-TOWN service
Mar. 2009 Started Housing i-TOWN and Mama i-Land services
Oct. 2009 Started providing i-TOWNPAGE Biz Mate service
Feb. 2010 Started TOWNPAGE Library
Mar. 2010 Started publishing individual versions of Living Guide
May 2010 Started publishing compact TOWNPAGE directories
Aug. 2010 Started providing i-TOWNPAGE smartphone applications (Android)
Oct. 2010 Started Organic i-TOWN service
Dec. 2010 Started providing i-TOWNPAGE smartphone applications (iPhone)
Feb. 2011 Renewed i-TOWNPAGE
May 2011 Started Professional i-TOWN service
Sept. 2011 Started publishing TOWNPAGE directories and Living Guide in the same volume
Oct. 2011 Consolidated eight sales and editing companies
May 2012 Obtained PrivacyMark certification
July 2012 Integrated with NTT Business Information Service, Inc.
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