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Operating Environment

Development, design and adjustments have been made for the official NTT TownPage Corporation website (hereafter, our website) under the following environment, and operational testing has been done accordingly. Operational testing has not been conducted in other environments. The site may not appear as intended by the creator when operated under environments other than those where tested.
When upgrading your browser, be sure to download necessary plug-ins from the official sites of the browsers. Furthermore, we recommend the following to enable confortable use of our website.

OS (Operating System) and browser

Monitor size

Monitor size of 800600 pixels will offer a full view.

Number of colors

Color is not essential, but 256 colors will provide convenience, such as making it easier to visually identify icons that are necessary for manipulation. There are photographs used in pages providing information, such as in information sections, where over 32,000 colors can be reproduced enhancing its fineness and offering a more enjoyable experience.

Style sheet

Since our website uses a style sheet, please disable the user style sheet, as it may distort the layout and characters.


Our website uses JavaScript functions throughout. For JavaScript-compatible web browsers, please make sure that JavaScript is enabled.

Note: Microsoft, Windows and Internet Explorer are trademarks registered by Microsoft, and Macintosh and Safari are registered trademarks of Apple. Other company names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their owners.

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